About - Martyn Swain

Martyn Swain is an Emmy and FIPA D’Or Award-Winning Composer, Musician and Sound Designer working from his own Digital ‘Sound to Picture’ studio in Central London.

In 1984 Martyn joined the Waterboys as a Bass Guitarist / Backing Vocalist. From there he gained worldwide touring, recording, and TV experience with World Party, Aimee Mann, Toni Childs, Julian Lennon, Sinead O’Connor, Holly Johnson and David Bowie and Ron Sexsmith amongst others. During this time, he studied orchestration at the Guildhall School of Music, and moved from “hired hand” to prolific singer and songwriter, writing with and for Robert Plant, Aimee Mann, Toni Childs, and Julian Lennon, as well as fronting his unique and critically acclaimed band Secret Circus.

Martyn is now focused on a career as a Composer and Producer, working on numerous commissions for all the terrestrial channels. He has already won two Emmy Awards for his contributions to BBC 2’s Timewatch programmes, “Allied to the Mafia” and “The True Story of the Roman Arena” as well as the FIPA D’Or, a prestigious global award for ‘Best Original Score for a TV Drama’.

Following early successes in drama with contributions to Cracker, The Ruth Rendell Mysteries and various others, Martyn wrote and recorded the score for the BBC’s epic ‘Pyramid’ a score that blended Wagnerian orchestral power with ethnic simplicity.

Other highlights include the Afro Cuban score for the last series of ’Auf Weidersehen Pet’, the BBC TV film ‘Belonging’ starring Brenda Blethyn, for which Martyn’s poignant and melodic score won the coveted FIPA D’or.

After moving away to North Yorkshire and working on a number of ‘vanity projects’, Martyn has now returned to Central London and is keen to re-engage with the world of Media Music, as well as continuing to promote various solo and joint projects such as ‘Ruby & the 13th Door’.

Martyn says:

“If you want to work as a Media Composer in the UK, even today, I think you need to be in London, within easy reach of your clients.

I love writing to picture – that’s why I came back!”